Abstract Submissions

Important Points to be Considered When Making an Application for Abstracts and Rules for Submitting Abstracts
Abstracts should be submitted online via the website using the abstract system. Abstracts sent by e-mail and physical mail will not be accepted. Since the abstracts sent over the internet will be published directly upon their acceptance, attention should be paid to typographical errors. Abstracts of unregistered authors will not be published in the congress abstract book.

Abstract Submisson Deadline: August 19-31, 2021

Editorial Rules
Abstracts will be collected through the online abstract system.
No academic titles should be used within the name of the author.
Only the initials of the first and last name of the author should be capitalized.
Names and addresses of the institutions of the authors must be mentioned.
Only the initial letter of the abstract title should be capitalized (excluding abbreviations).
If any abbreviations are used within the abstract, then the long description of the abbreviation should be indicated in brackets.
In the abstract, the objective and methods used should be briefly mentioned, findings should be summarized along with sufficient quantitative details, and conclusions should be explained in line with the findings presented.
Abstracts should follow the stated order: ‘‘Introduction and Objective’’, ‘‘Methods’’, ‘‘Findings’’ ‘‘Conclusions’’. Case presentations should follow the stated order: ‘‘Introduction’’, ‘‘Case’’ and ‘‘Conclusions’’.
Abstracts should be no more than 400 words excluding the title and names of authors.
Abstracts will be collected in the form of Posters or Verbal Presentations. The most suitable category for the abstract should be chosen in the relevant step.
The title of the abstract should be clear and reflect the content of the abstract.

Abstracts that do not comply with the abovementioned rules will be excluded from evaluation regardless of its content.

Evaluation of Abstracts

The evaluation will be made on the internet by the Abstracts Evaluation Committee, keeping the name / surname and institutions of the researchers confidential. Acceptance of the abstracts will be sent to the e-mail addresses as "Acceptance of Abstract" or "Rejection of Abstract" according to the result of the evaluation.
Oral Presentations

Presentation time is 5 minutes and discussion time is 1 minute. Presentations should not exceed
8 slides. Presentation format; Introduction and Objective (1 slide), Material-method (2 slides), Findings (2 slides) and Discussion (2 slides) and Conclusion (1 slide).

Mini Symposium
In the oral presentations of Mini Symposium session, the presentation time is 6 minutes, and the discussion time is 2 minutes. Presentations should not exceed 10 slides. Presentation format; Introduction and Objective (1 slide), Material-method (2 slides), Findings (2 slides) and Discussion (2 slides) and Conclusion (1 slide).
Please pay attention to the specified time while preparing the presentations.

E-posters should be prepared and sent in the e-poster format via the online notification system as stated below. The passwords received while submitting abstracts will also be used when uploading the e-poster. No further extension will be made on the upload date.

How should an e-poster be prepared?
1. Have your poster file (only text, tables, and figures in Word or PowerPoint format) ready on your computer.
2. Log in to the system with your Abstract Agent user account.
3. Click on the "My Abstracts" link on the menu on the left. All your abstracts will appear here.
4. Click the Upload Full Text / Poster button below the abstracts accepted as e-posters.
5. On the following screen that appears, click the relevant sections on your poster, copy and paste the poster sections to the relevant places, add your figure-tables, if any, and save.
6. Check your poster with the preview button and when you are sure that you have completed it, click the "Confirm" button to complete your process.

Note: All necessary directions are available in the system. For additional assistance, you can get support from LookUs IT by calling "0216 372 66 44".